Olive Oil Welcome Package

Olive Oil Welcome Package


Our Welcome pack includes:

1 x Fruity & Tart

1 x Rich & Smooth

  • About our oils

    We have collected the best fruit from olive trees which have lived in mountains abundant with rich soil and fresh air for hundreds of years to create the most delicious and natural olive oil. In order to preserve the naturally diverse balance of aromas and vitamins found in these olives, special care has been taken during the purely mechanical extraction process to create an olive oil which is true to the olives of which it is made. Our oil is then carefully packed and sent your door.

  • Technical specification

    Fruity & Tart

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Early Harvest

    Cold Press

    500 ml

    590 mg/kg Polyphenols

    0.28% Oleic Acidity


    Rich & Smooth

    Virgin Olive Oil

    Timely Harvest


    200 mg/kg Polyphenols (Approximate)

    1.10% Oleic Acidity

  • How our olive oils are made